About Us

Established in 2006, UltraStream.co.uk is a leading Internet Radio streaming company, powering a number of stations across the UK, as well as stations in Europe, the USA and Australia.

There are a lot of web hosting companies who rent out shoutcast servers as a sideline, and who don’t really understand Internet Radio stations or the people who run them. UltraStream is different.

We are one of the few dedicated Internet Radio streaming companies. We form close working relationships with community and local radio stations across the world, and our relationship goes way beyond the intial sign up process.

We are there for our customers for the long haul, helping them with any questions they might have about their stream, our products and technology, better ways to integrate their station into their website and onto mobile devices, and also listening to their feedback and using this to directly shape our next generation of server technology.

Exclusive Server Technology

We don’t use off the shelf servers like shoutcast. Anyone can rent a cheap server and run copies of Shoutcast on it. We run our own custom built server platform, developed in-house at UltraStream.

We can calculate the number of seconds each individual listener tunes into your station, and we use this to generate our industry leading Listener Hour reports. These tell you, per hour, the number of listeners you had, the number of connects for that hour and the number of disconnects. Nobody else offers an insight into the behavior of your audience on the level we do.

We go further as well. Our server technology is state of the art, featuring multiple user accounts with definable permissions, and two factor SMS code based login technology. UltraStream is a serious choice for professional radio stations.

Production Quality

It always amazes us that other companies continue to offer Internet Radio service at 32kbps. The sound quality is so poor, it is worse than a telephone conversation. In this world of superfast broadband, there’s no excuse for a radio station to be operating below 128kbps CD quality MP3.

With UltraStream, you can have peace of mind. All our packages are 128kbps CD quality MP3 packages. So the price you see is the price you’ll pay – there’s no extra charge for ‘proper’ quality streams. We wouldn’t ask our stations to operate on anything less than 128kbps.

 Our Details

UltraStream is a division of Driscoll LTD, which is a company registered in the UK with Companies House (reg. no. 04801144).